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Its A No Shoes Game


In collaboration with Nicole Del Senno, Pavel Mamontov, Amy Findeiss, and Michelle Calabro, we made a four person game with two teams consisting of two players each.


• Work together as a team

• Stay connected using cards as prompts

• Collect all of your team’s flags

• Get to opposing team’s home base first


1. Use a 3 x 7 block grid as your playing surface.

2. Alternate ground level spaces with elevated spaces in a pattern similar to a chess board (diagrams shown below). You can use blocks, pillows, crates, large stones, anything that you can stand on.

3. Provide each team with an elevated block for home base, placed at each shorter end of the board.

4. Write card connections table on a board or piece of paper where you can view it from the playing board.


  1. Choose a card to make a connection for each turn (connections shown on next page).

  2. Can only move one space at a time.

  3. Can move horizontally, diagonally, or vertically from your teammate (this also means you can use both elevated and ground spaces).

  4. Cannot use the same connection twice in a row.

  5. Can sit on stools as long as you are in your space.

  6. Partners keep the same two connections until they move to the new space. Then drop the oldest connection and add on the new connection *(see fig.2).

  7. There are always two connections kept by each team at all times.

  8. Capture all of your flags before reaching home base.

  9. Stalling and calling out opposing team when they break connections is encouraged!

  10. If your team is caught breaking a connection, your team must go back to home base and start over.


  1. Limit the playing card deck to the Ace through 7 cards of each suit.

  2. Shuffle all cards. This is the only deck you will be playing with.

  3. Deal each player 7 cards.

  4. Each person picks a card randomly from the top of their deck. The two highest cards make up team A and starts first.  The other two leftover people are Team B.


  1. Each team starts on their home base indicated on the grid above.

  2. All players then look at all of their cards and strategize.

  3. Each card determines the connection that will be made (see next page for list of connections).

  4. You must hold your cards with you while playing but discard the ones you have used (i.e put them in your pocket).

  5. Discard your card every turn.

  6. Each team moves towards capturing their flags (via mouth if necessary), then get to home base.

  7. If the other team catches that you have broken a connection, your team must go back to home base and start over.

  8. If you use all your cards, you can reshuffle with your partner and play the cards again.


TURNS: (example diagram B)


  1. The first player from team A picks their card. The player deciphers their position to fellow teammate using the connections key (next page).

  2. The second player from team B picks a card. That player also deciphers their position to fellow teammate using the key and discards their card.

  3. Then the first player from team A picks a new card and reconnects to the second player in a new position.

  4. Players alternate turns and pick up the new connection, keeping two connections at all times, always dropping the oldest connection.



The game has ended when the entire team has traveled from their home base to the home base of the opposing team and has collected all their flags. BOTH players must be on the home base.



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